Southern Sharing and Learning Together

A great way to teach the Bible to Children

What you need to know about SSalt

SSalt - or Southern Salt, to give it its full name - is specifically written for children living in Southern Africa. It is designed to provide teachers with an educationally sound, creative, Bible-based lessons at a reasonable cost. The methodology involves interaction as the name implies - Sharing And LearningTogether. Instructions to the teacher are very clear, making preparation straight-forward. This assists inexperienced teachers, while leaving room for flexibility and initiative from an experienced teacher. The materials are prepared for ministry to junior school children in the urban and high density townships in Southern Africa.

How it arose. The difficult economic circumstances in Zimbabwe, which are now common knowledge, put most imported goods out of reach of the population. Bible teaching materials were amongst the casualties. So being familiar with Scripture Union UK’s materials permission was sought from them to rewrite their “SALT” materials in a simplified version for Southern African countries and print locally. The initiative was endorsed by Scripture Union in these countries and undertaken through the Regional organisation. The name Salt has been retained to indicate these links, but modified to SSalt – short for “Southern Salt”.

The Program

There are 12 books in each of three age groups, which will take children through a four-year series covering basic Christian doctrines from both Old and New Testaments.

Every book covers four months and has two Old and two New Testament modules, each of (usually) four lessons, providing some 16 to 17 sessions.
The three age levels are: 

  • Preschool, for non-readers, generally aged 3 to 5,
  • Lower Primary, for early readers, generally 6 to 8, and
  • Upper Primary, for more accomplished readers, 8 to 12.

The same lesson topic is used in each level; if classes or age levels have to be combined for any reason, the same subject applies to all ages and adjustments are easier.

Users can join the cycle at any point as the books are undated. Each year one book has a module on an Easter theme and one for Christmas, with suggestions for Family Services, but the rest of the content is useable over any time in the year.

Each lesson includes two full-page (A4) activity sheets to use in class. They are bound separately in the centre of the book so are easily removable and may be photocopied. Work Book or Colouring book are also available separately.

Basic to SSalt is our belief that the Bible is the Word of God and committing Scripture to memory is encouraged. God’s Word hidden in hearts will give wise guidance for life.