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A great way to teach the Bible to Children

Bible Reading Card

To introduce children - to the idea of reading the Bible for themselves SSalt has prepared a Bible Reading card for a year. It can be used independently of the lessons but is really planned to be read alongside the Bible books studied with the SSalt Books 2,3 and 4.

Teachers can encourage their pupils to use the card to read the Bible chapters from which the weekly lessons are taken. The cards are dated (mainly so that they line up nominally with the lesson syllabus) but pupils can easily be directed to reading the passages relevant to the lesson module. This will reinforce the Sunday teaching and introduce children to the discipline of daily Bible reading.

The readings are short - usually about seven verses a day - and are selected for those children who can read the Bible for themselves. But can also be used by parents who are prepared to take the trouble to read to, or with, their growing children.

This is a card to guide personal Bible reading, NOT a set of study notes. The brief questions encourage thoughtful reading and application to life of what is read. So it is particularly appropriate to integrate it with the Sunday lessons either as a lead-in or as a follow-up.

Printed copies are available in packs of 25.